Do whitening strips work?

Posted by in Strips Work on Jan 4, 2019

Do whitening strips work?

No one likes to flaunt their discoloured teeth and this may be the reason why so many Brits never smile. All kidding aside, stained teeth are a sore sight, especially when you are all dressed up. To solve this problem, many people use a whitening toothpaste, which causes more problems than it solves.

Most whitening toothpastes contain harmful abrasives that hurt your dental enamel. As an alternative, whitening strips have become a popular way to whiten teeth. These strips are easy to use and don’t need a dentist’s supervision. But are they really effective in giving you shining white teeth?

Whitening strips do work, to some extent. If you have stained or yellow teeth, applying the strips for two weeks continuously makes a difference. But there are chances of complications.

 No matter how hard you try, it is difficult to get an even whitening with strips. Due to accessibility and the structure of your teeth, some teeth may get over whitened while others have lesser whitening. So every day, make a habit of observing the levels of whiteness and compensate if needed.

Do not use the whitening strips for a long duration. Two weeks is the typical suggestion. Using it for a longer time may result in tooth sensitivity and it could even damage to your teeth.

Beware of how close you get the strip to your gums. The gums are soft and the harsh chemicals in the strip may injure them. To avoid gum issues, cut the strip as close as possible to your smiling teeth size. After a bit of trial and error, you will get it right.

If you have stained teeth, trying a whitening strip could be a good idea and it is certainly better than a whitening toothpaste. No matter which one you use, be gentle with your teeth and pay attention when using it. If you experience sensitivity stop using immediately.

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