Signs that you need to remove your wisdom teeth

Posted by in Wisdom Teeth on Nov 5, 2018

Signs that you need to remove your wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth get their name from the fact that they come into your life during your wisdom years, i.e. typically from seventeen to twenty-five years. While we don’t know if you really get any wiser in those years, wisdom teeth could play a little havoc in your teeth when they suddenly start appearing in your mouth.

 In many cases, you may have to get your wisdom teeth removed as they often lead to problems later in life. The recommended way is to get a dentist to evaluate them when they start to appear. In some cases, they may stay without causing any trouble. But in other instances, they may cause severe pain and may need expensive and painful surgery to be removed.

 How to decide what to do?

Watch out for the following symptoms once you notice wisdom teeth growing in your mouth.

  1. Pain

Wisdom teeth can cause pain and irritation. To be certain, have it checked by a dentist. Sometimes pain could be due to other teeth decaying too. So, it is best to get it evaluated by a professional.

  1. Gets harder to eat

If you experience pain while eating, you may have to get the wisdom tooth removed. Due to its odd location, food particles may get stuck and cause decay and it is hard to get your brush to reach that position.

  1. Cyst around wisdom teeth

It is one of those signs no one can ignore. A Cyst formation around your teeth is too painful and may lead to a lot of other problems if you don’t take care of it right away.

  1. Sudden sinus problem

If you did not have a sinus problem in the past but are experiencing a sudden onset after wisdom teeth come out, go to your dentist right away. As wisdom teeth grow and build roots, it may press against your sinus and cause problems.

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