When do wisdom teeth grow?

Posted by in Wisdom Teeth Grow on Oct 3, 2018

When do wisdom teeth grow?

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that some people get at the time they are becoming adults. Typically, the third set of molars appear anytime between seventeen and twenty-five years of age. Since they appear during the time of life when we are supposed to get wisdom, they are nicknamed as ‘wisdom teeth’.

 In reality, most teenagers and young adults at that age are at the mercy of their hormones and tend to be less than wise.

Teeth formation is at an advanced stage when the wisdom teeth appear. Because of this, there are many problems associated with wisdom teeth. In many cases, dentists have to extract these new formations as it may cause pain and damage other teeth in the future.

Some people do not develop a full molar and have a partially grown tooth. This may result in creating an opening for food particles and bacteria to enter the jaw and cause an infection. Such an infection could spread across the jaw and even result in general illness.

 In some people, wisdom teeth falls in line with the rest of the teeth and causes no problem. If there is room to grow, wisdom teeth will be just like any other teeth despite their late appearance.

 But if there is no space in your mouth for proper growth, they may push the rest of your teeth to make space and cause a tremendous amount of pain. This is why it is important to get them evaluated by a dentist as soon as possible.

Based on your unique mouth structure, your dentist will assess the feasibility of wisdom teeth and if he feels they may harm or cause trouble later in life, he may suggest extracting them as early as possible.

It is very hard to extract them when they are fully grown and may even cause pain. So, it is best to follow your dentist’s suggestion on how to handle your wisdom teeth.

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