How Often Should You Go to The Dentist?

Many years ago, and even to a degree today, some people would only decide to find a dentist in Seattle or further afield if they had something wrong. A dentist was about fixing dental problems rather than educating you on how to prevent them in the first place.

Now, however, people are beginning to take better care of their oral health, choosing to follow the recommendation of brushing and flossing twice per day to prevent decay and plaque. However, such a dental routine is not the be-all and end-all of dental care. You also have to find a dentist in Seattle who will take care of all aspects of your oral health – and in a timely fashion.

In saying that, how many people can say, with hand on heart, that they know how often they need to visit their dentist? Below is some helpful information on where to begin.

Average People

There is an “average” number of times you should go see your dentist. If you don’t have a regular one, now’s the time to find a dentist in Seattle and get on their books. They can then send out reminders when you are due for a check-up. Most people aim to see one twice per year. During these visits, you can get x-rays, a clean, and other checks to make sure your teeth are fighting fit.

High-Risk Groups

While many people will fall into the twice-yearly group, others will not be so lucky. You may find yourself needing to see your dentist more than twice per year to keep your teeth healthy. If you smoke, you are more prone to oral health problems so you may find it’s beneficial to see a dentist more often. If you’re pregnant, diabetic, have gum disease, an immune problem or are prone to cavities and plaque build-up, then try to find a dentist in Seattle who can see you three or four times per year instead.

Dental Check-Up Routine

Did you know that up to 15 percent of Americans fear the dentist? With as many as 40 million people too afraid to find a dentist in Seattle, it’s little wonder that a high proportion of the population is missing one or more teeth! A lot of the fear is associated with not knowing what a dentist does during a check-up. These check-ups involve a full, painless examination, x-rays, a thorough cleaning to remove plaque and decay, and a diagnostics check.

If you are yet to find a dentist in Seattle to perform your check-up, then now’s the time. Find an experienced, qualified dentist near you to ensure your teeth are in the best condition possible.